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Complex query of keywords (metadata and full text) supporting NOT, OR, AND, field names, and parentheses. Does NOT support wildcards.

civil warSearch for 'civil' AND 'war'
civil AND warSame (note 'AND' must be capitalized)
"civil war"Search for phrase 'civil war'
automotive OR carSearch for 'automotive' OR 'car' (note 'OR' must be capitalized)
NOT clevelandMatch all items without 'cleveland' in keywords
moses NOT cleavelandSearch keywords for 'moses' not near 'cleaveland' (note 'NOT' must be capitalized)
civil (war OR engineering)Search keywords for 'civil' AND either 'war' OR 'engineering'
title:civil warSearch title for 'civil' AND 'war'
creator:smith title:civilSearch creator for 'smith' AND title for 'civil'
title:shaker subject:NOT furniture Search items with 'shaker' in title but not 'furniture' in subject. Note 'NOT' must follow ':'

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Manuscript Collections Includes personal papers of individuals and families, records of businesses and non-profit organizations, photographs, and other material

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Visual Materials Audio/visual materials and two-dimensional graphics (posters, prints, drawings, etc.)


Musical Score


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Analytics An article or subsection of a larger work, most often a serial

Vertical File Includes clippings, articles, programs, flyers, promotional materials, and other ephemera

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